Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday - A Day Off?

My Saturday's are crazy.  I mean nuts really.  I think if it was a two person job they might be a little more manage but usually Dr. J is working Saturday or working nights so sleeping.  Last Saturday he was sleeping.  So it was up to this wanna-be-super mom to do it all on her own.  First I gathered the kids for swim lesson.  They started two months ago and it has been a special treat.  The positive, they are the Y and are all at the same time.  So I actually have a few minutes alone after I drop Cheetah off at child watch and join the other parents in the gallery.  It's fun to see the kids getting more comfortable in the water and as a child of Arizona I feel like every person should know how to swim.  The negative, they are in the morning so no sleeping in, and it is winter so I have a ton of gear to haul around.  Most of the parents come in pairs and have at most two kids in class, most just one.  I come alone and am responsible for getting three kids in the pool, keeping track of all the gear, and then getting three kids out and dressed.  Luckily Captain E is capable of dressing himself, I just need to keep track of his socks for him.  Gigi and Peach on the other hand are all mine. It's actually the reason I drop Cheetah off at child watch.  Getting two girls out of cold wet suits, into warm winter clothes, and then hair blown dry, the whole time while they are crying that they are cold, and wiggling like crazy, well that takes BOTH MY HANDS!  We then pick up Cheetah from baby jail (a place she is very happy to be) and head home for lunch.  

 After lunch we take Peach to dance.  If Dr. J is home I can leave the older kids at home to watch a movie or play on the computer.  If he isn't they bring their Itouches and sit quietly or not so quietly while she takes her ballet/tap lesson (How did my mom survive before the digital age...what did we kids do when we were bored?).  She is adorable and loves it so much.  It almost makes it worth the craziness of having to haul in two pairs of shoes and entertaining Cheetah on my lap for 45 minutes while watching her and waiting to trade her ballet shoes for tap :)

 Then we head home to play.  Last Saturday we went to Barnes and Nobel first.  I'm in love with these Calico Critters and I had gotten in a coupon in my e-mail for $10 off a toy at the book store.  Hello my first Critters family!  Now I'm not so secretly coveting the koala family.  The momma there is a baby carrier. Can you guess why I love her so much?  So we headed to the store and picked up the family and then we brought them home to play.  The girls love them just as much as I do so that was a score!  Then I needed something to entertain Captain E.  The child loves to cook so we made some chocolate chip cookies.  They lasted exactly one day which is why we had to make some more yesterday, but it is a fun activity and it keeps us busy.

 Then it was time to bathe the kids.  I've tried having them shower at the gym but it has been a nightmare.  First they complain that it takes to long for the water to heat up and because they just got out of the pool they are "FREEZING!"  Secondly I get soaked in the process.  So before we go to bed Saturday night I try to get them bathed.  (Church is now at 9, we have to leave at 8:30 and there just isn't time in the morning).  This Saturday the girls wanted their hair put in rag curlers.  Peaches stayed in a whole two seconds, but Gigi's were perfect.

Then I have laundry to fold.  Four kids, two parents, it is a never ending job.  Saturday is my main catch up day and by the end of the day I often have lots of clean loads but nothing is folded.  This particular Sunday I had seven loads to fold.  Dr. J teased me that it was a pile big enough to lose a kid in.  Then he looked again and said it was a pile big enough to lose all our kids.  Finally I got the kids in bed.  Huray!  Time for a break?  Not last Saturday.  I was teaching Young Women's at church on Sunday so I needed to go over my lesson.  Luckily I'm loving the new program. So that's in.  My Saturday.  Nothing quite so not relaxing as a "day off".

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