Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Am The Frugal One...

Our desktop computer is one it's last leg...ok, really it's past that point, crawling along, almost ready to die.  I can't say I blame it.  In the seven years we've had it, it's been put through a lot of abuse.  Kids bang on the keyboard, viruses have gotten in, 5 million pictures have been downloaded, programs galore crowd the memory, it has been moved four times, and it never gets dusted.  It has been a work horse and has more then paid for itself.  Now it sits dying and will need to be replaced.  I have to say I'm a little excited.  Who doesn't want something faster, quieter, newer, and yet I find myself with the same dilemma I had just months before when we had to replace our laptop.  I want a Mac.  I come from a Mac family.  They are sexy and cool.  Unfortunately it is never going to happen.  I think my family and friends have this misconception that I'm being held down in poverty by an over dominating husband.  Let me clear something up, when it comes to purchases, to money, to our life, I am the doer.  I look things over, investigate the options, re investigate, agonize over, and then make the decision.  I may sound board off my husband or I may not, Dr. J stays out of the way.  It works for us and I think the main reason why is, "I AM A FRUGAL WIFE," and so I have my husbands complete trust.  And that leads us back to our computer problem, while I desperately wanted a mac book after all my investigation we were talking about something that cost four times more.  I just couldn't justify that cost difference to myself.  I could see no way in which I would get 4 times more productivity, 4 times more life, 4 times more fun out of the thing.  And now we are looking for a new desk top.  Yes I want the IMAC, but  by the time I pay for the screen I want, the memory and the programs I'd need to move over I'd be looking at over $2000.  Meanwhile I found a Gateway desktop with great reviews and 1TB of memory for $515, and I can use $75 bucks of cash back from my credit card toward the purchase.  So while I want the IMAC, my frugal ways will get in the way and in the end I'll be bringing home another PC. 

*I would like to make it clear that in no way do I look down on any friends or family who own IMACs or mac books.  I think they are total fun and look forward to playing with your cool programs when you are around.  I wish I could join you...I'm just to darn cheap from my own darn good :)


  1. What a thrift snob. See if I let you get your hands on my computer. :)

  2. Crystal, I think you're forgetting to factor in the price of all of the cool programs that come free on the mac, and also the fact that it very selfdom crashes losing all your data, or receives a virus.



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