Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hunger Games

I'm sure I've mentioned this before...I love THE HUGER GAMES SERIES!  I picked it up when another wards book group was reading it last year.  I finished it that night.  The next day I went to the library to get the second book, Catching Fire.  The day after that I looked for the third book Mockingjay.  Darn it wouldn't come out for something like 135 days.  I know this because there was a count down.  So I did what any irrational book fan would do and preordered it.  Then I tried to forget it.  It was nearly impossible.  As the weeks went by I encouraged all my friends and family to read it.  Several other friends preordered it and we would mention to each other..."oh only 85 more days, or 56, or whatever."  Then the day came of the release.  Guess what it didn't come.  It took pretty much all the willpower I had not to stop at Barns and Nobel that day.  Then the next day I saw it at Meijer and picked the book up.  I snuck the cover over, read the first two works and snapped it shut.  "What are you doing," I chided myself, "be an adult!"  I went home and look at my Amazon order and that is when I found out that for reasons I will never know my order wasn't even going to ship for another ten days.  That's when I send Amazon a grouchy e-mail and posted my dismay on facebook.  Two things happened.  One Amazon said, "hey we are sorry and we will get that out to you pronto."  Second my neighbor said, "Hey I have all three books but I just started reading them.  You can borrow Mockingjay if you want."  Thank you Jenny!  So I took her book and read it that afternoon.  Then I returned it to her the next day so she could start in on it.  Yes she finished the first two books in two days.  My books came that day and I reread the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and then Mockingjay again.  They are lovely.  I mean just fantastic!  I've tried to describe them to other people: a futuristic America where the country is divided into districts and a boy and girl have to fight to the death every year for the entertainment of the rest of the sounds rediculous.  Don't listen to me.  Just pick them up and read them.  The author is Suzanne Collins.  She has another series but it isn't nearly as good.  I loved all three books although if I have to be honest three is my least favorite.  I love the chacter Peeta and he gets less playing time in the third book.  Regardless still TOTALLY WORTH THE TIME, and I'm sure the makeup was much cuter then this.  Ironically he mentions the book Shipbreaker.  I also loved that book.  A great read for Hunger Games fans.


  1. Hahaha! Who is this guy? He is cute. I love the Hunger Games too! And I also read another series that rocks recently starting with the first book, Gregor the Overlander. Think modern-day Alice in Wonderland combined with The Secret of Nim. And the main character protagonist is a boy...

  2. So, for some odd reason I found this (from your linkwithin thing at the bottom of posts) and haha! Of course you know I love the Hunger Games, but did you know I follow the vlogbrothers? Are you a nerdfighter too? Please say yes... except email me, because I won't see it on this page!



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