Monday, January 1, 2018

Baby Gamer

Image may contain: 2 people, people sittingIt is no secret that the people in my family, excluding me, enjoy gaming.  A few days ago we took the kids to an indoor arcade plus we have in town.  Mr Squish was in heaven.  This was his favorite game.  It was Asteroids on a huge screen.  You sat in this chair with a partner and shot at the alien ships.  It was awesome...even I enjoyed it.  He also loves the new PlayStation.  He likes to grab a controllers and sit by his dad and push on the little knobs.  He doesn't watch TV but he likes to think he is playing video games.  It is a little scary.  Does it worry me.  Yes, yes it does.  It drives his dad and brother a little nuts.  Whenever they put the controllers up to charge he likes to go and grab them.  They take them and put them back on the charger and he cries.  Put that on repeat ten times. 

This morning he woke up at four.  Dr, J got him out of bed and brought him to our bed.  I nursed him and then he climbed out of bed.  I dosed off for a second and then woke up again thinking, "Wait where did my baby go?"  I got out of bed and looked in his sister's room, then his other sister's room, then his brother's room.  I was convinced he'd gone in to play with Legos when no one was awake.  He wasn't there.  I started quietly calling his name as I walked down the stairs.  I looked in the living room and then the office.  No Mr. Squish.  I looked in the kitchen and dinning room.  He wasn't there.  I was starting to think he wasn't downstairs after all when I heard a little squeak from the couch.  I peaked over and found him sitting in the dark, staring at the TV, the remote in his hands.  Apparently he thought he was going to play when no one was there to stop him.  He just hasn't figured out how to turn the TV on and start the PlayStation.  I'm sure that isn't long in coming. 

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