Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doppelganger Friends

Doppelganger: "German, literally a double goer is a paranormal double of a living  person."  I had never paid this term any mind until about three years ago when a Dr. Who episode clued me in.  Since that time it is everywhere.  Every time I hear it I think of my two friends, Andrea and Bridget.  They have never met before.  Bridget I met years ago (almost seven to be exact) when our paths took us to Jordan for the same summer.  Since then we haven't been in the same area but via facebook, blogs, and e-mail I stay as current with her life as I do with anyone else I know.  In fact I'd say that I know probably more about her life because the truth is people often say deeply personal things online that they wouldn't necessarily just throw out there during a playgroup.  Andrea I met two years ago, and instantly liked her liberal, feminist, hippie vibe.  They have some similarities.  They went to the same college, originated from the same general part of the country, keep a blog, have two daughters, are married to men who share the same first name, will soon both have a master's degree, and both don't seem at all perturbed by my more liberal leaning ways.  The reason I call them my doppelganger friends is this though....something about their smile, their hair, and the way they both raise their eyebrows when they are going to make an interesting point.  These girls make me laugh and are friends who keep me better informed of things happening in the world.  I love knowing them.

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