Saturday, May 11, 2013

This Marriage - 11 Years In The Making

April 26th, 2002 Dr. J and I were married.  I celebrated our anniversary with a little pampering.  My mops group was having their spa day and I had my eyebrows waxed and my fingernails painted.  We had a nice dinner with the kids, steak, potatoes, and artichoke...this is my go to fancy meal, especially considering we still have 20lbs of steak and roast in our freezer.  I made a birthday cake and after dinner we lit that baby up with a number five candle and six individual candles.  The kids loved it...I mean who doesn't love birthday cake.  We celebrated with flowers.  I brought in tulips from our yard that I planted last year in celebration of our tenth anniversary...120 bulbs that came up this year in overwhelming beauty.  Dr. J brought two dozen roses, the bouquet he tried to buy me the morning we got married but as he walked the streets of the small town of Manti we were married in there wasn't a store open.  They day after we got a babysitter and went to Benihanas.  This restaurant has been a joke between us for year.  Back in the high school days Dr. J was in a prom date group that went to Benihana.  He mentioned it once when we were first married and I asked him why we'd never gone.  "Because that place is expensive," he told me.  Since that day I will occasionally tease, "Oh cheap enough for Prom, but too expensive for you wife."  The truth is though we haven't lived by a Benihanas for years.  Then recently Dr. J drove past one.  He came home and told me we were going.  We made a reservation, which thanks to the pinewood derby we had to push back an hour, but we luckily were able to rearrange and just made it in time.  We were at a table with one very frazzled mom, two ten year olds, and three thirteen years olds celebrating a birthday.  It was fun.  The girls were friendly and bubbly.  The chef was nice.  I realize it is a canned show, but it was super fun and the food was delicious.  It was eight when we got there and I was famished.  I scarfed the soup and salad.  I scarfed the shrimp appetizers and veggies.  The bowl of fried rice got to me and I ate the whole thing in ten bites.  Then the fullness hit me.  By the time the main course got to me I was stuffed.  I couldn't eat a single bite.  Luckily it kept well and the next day I just made some fried rice and feed the whole family dinner on that and our left overs.  Then they brought out sherbet and made us stand and dance.  We sung to the girl whose birthday it was.  We laughed. Dr. J only looked at his phone once.  Overall it was a great date.  In the end we said goodbye to our new friends wishing them a happy birthday.  The girls responded with a "happy anniversary" and as we walked out of the restaurant they yelled out, "Don't cheat on her."  Sound advice girls, sound advice.

I wish I had a before of my eyebrows.  They were so crazy.  I hadn't waxed or plucked them in probably three months and they were CRAZY!  I'm not much of a finger paint girl.  It starts to drive me crazy after a bit, like my fingers are that weird?  But it is fun to do every once in awhile.  

Gigi and Peach look very bored with the cake but rest assured they were ecstatic   

I love having flowers all over my yard.

My main struggle in life, keeping this tiny tot off of things.  

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