Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have a sister in law E who I have never met.  Seems a little weird right...well welcome to our lives :)  Long story short Dr. J has a step brother who happens to be an attorney on the other side of the country.  We share in-laws, Facebook, Instagram, and ironically because of our age, religion, marriages, ages of our children and position in life sort of are living parallel lives...anyway I'm sure if we ever do meet I'll love her because she's pretty and fun and cool, and she unfortunately would just get stuck with me...sorry E but no coolness here ;-)  BUT, one of the things she introduced me to is this band Imagine Dragons.  She is really into them.  High school friends maybe? relatives? I'm not sure, I just know she is connected to them in some way and that because of her I stated listening to them and paying attention to what was going on with them, and they rock.  I mean really. They are sort of getting huge right now so if you haven't heard of them you might be living under a rock but on the off chance you don't know who I'm talking about let me introduce you to Imagine Dragons, Las Vegas raised, and their rocking song Radioactive.  I've listened to their live version probably twenty times just today and it's great, I mean just amazing, but today I also found this cover of it done by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix and I loved it as well.  To my children, in case you were wondering why I want you all to play the piano it really has nothing to do with trying to saddle you with church callings playing in primary, instead it it is because I want you to be able to choose any musical direction you want and if that direction just happens to be stings well then know your dad and I will pay for the lessons, because there is nothing I love better then when string instruments meet up with rock, feel free to blame my embarrassing teen obsession with Apocalyptica :)

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  1. You know I love this post with all of my heart, right?! I can't remember if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I read it and love it! Hopefully we'll get our crazy families together and get to chat in real life, but I'm so thankful for Instagram, facebook, blogs, etc that keep us in touch :)

    Danny, the lead singer, is my cousin, so there's the connection. But I would love Imagine Dragons even if I didn't know any of them! Danny's wife Aja is also in a band called Nico Vega. Definitely a little more hard-core-rock. But they have a song called "Beast" that is similar to Radioactive. And Danny and Aja have a band that's just the two of them and is super adorable. It's called Egyptian.

    I'm sending you an invite to our blog. Be warned, I stink at updating it and the posts are probably only entertaining to me. But hey! One more way for us to keep in touch!



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