Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Picture Dump

 So we took family pictures this week, can't wait to get them up here because they are amazing!  My friend and neighbor Jessica is the best!  My sister keeps telling me she's going to come out here just so Jessica can take family pictures for her.  I know it's because she thinks her family is cuter than mine and she thinks if we look that amazing just imagine how amazing her family will look ;-)  I needed an outfit with white cotton and my Jessica had pined this really cute white dress, gray coverup, boots, and belt.  I loved it at first sight but had zero success finding a cotton dress in the midst of winter.  So I pulled out a long skirt I had and HURRAH!  I used a sash in this picture to see if it would work.  It did so I bought a belt.  Very fun.
 This is a picture of my little Gigi.  This girl loves to write.  She is constantly filling notebooks but sometimes she doesn't have paper.  It cracks me up because I was the kid in my family who always was covered in marker and pen.  Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
 We've been doing a lot of indoor camping.  When the kids are bored you have to find ways to get things done.  How this woman is going to survive Christmas vacation?

 Paper isn't the only thing she writes on.  When I got upset with her she said, "Mom, it's the kind of marker that will just rub off."  Great girl, great!
 We have great neighbors.  Sometimes when we've been in the coupe to long I hear our neighbors out in the front yard.  So I bundle the kids up and I head outside.
 We had these pictures taken a year ago and I finally got this canvas made.  Very exciting.  I had to get ready for the new pictures coming home :)
 Lots of baking going on at the house this week.  I made these cookies for the teachers, staff, and administration at the kids school.  I also included a note telling them how much I appreciated them and specific thanks for people like the school nurse, the janitor, the lunch ladies.  We got a really nice thank you reply note from the bus driver.  It made me grateful that I made an effort to remember everyone.    PS this cookies are divine.  Find the recipe here.
 We went to the book store while we were Christmas shopping this weekend.  I looked over Peaches' shoulder and saw the Cozy Critter collection.  How have I never seen this before.  This momma instantly feel in love with these little cuties.  They felt so familiar, I'm pretty sure I had some when I was young :)

 One day this week I just couldn't take the kids.  They were being so demanding and wanted to just watch TV.  Sometimes I just want to get rid of my TV.  Then we'd never have to fight over it again.  But this day it was just fight, fight, fight.  So I pulled some scarves down and my kids played pirates, singing, dancing pirates.

 It was Gigi's birthday this week.  I took doughnuts to her class, and doughnuts to Captain E's to celebrate his 1/2 birthday (you know that whole summer birthday thing).  The doughnut shop I went to is so delicious and I ended up eating a pecan roll for breakfast :)
 Rosie can now reach the top of our table.  Life will never be the same.

 Gigi wanted chicken and rice for dinner so we took her to Cracker Barrel.  When then went to Chucky Cheeses and bought 150 tokens and just let them go wild.  It was a blast and every person got in on the action.  Even Rosie who loves the car rides.  This mom particularly enjoyed the hitting games.  Captain E did a lot of basketball and football.  All the kids like the virtual reality roller coasters.  The nice thing about going at 8:00 on a school night...we had the place to ourselves.  Happy 6th Birthday Gigi bear!  You are stubborn as a mule.  You are constantly moving from thing to thing.  You can be willfully disobendient.  You also are amazingly helpful and loving.  You are full of light.  You are fun and amazingly sweet.  You love to learn, to write, and to read.  You are silly and fun.  Our lives would be dark without you.  We are so grateful that you are our daughter.

Peach hit the mother-load!


  1. Soooo cute! I love the photos. And the canvas? Just gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Wish I was there to celebrate with you guys.

    PS- I want Jessica to take our picture so that we can have family pictures that look as beautiful as yours...



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