Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pinned It - Photo Canvas

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A couple of months ago I pinned photo canvases.  People were printing pictures and the using modge podge   to stick them to canvas.  I decided it would be a fun craft to try.  Originally I was just going to paint the edges silver so I started with that.  
I then painted the canvas with modge podge and put the pictures on the canvas.  I used cheap prints I had made at Sam's club.  I have a smugmug account and I think their prints are great but when you are doing a craft that you aren't sure how it will turn out cheap is better.  If you're going to do prints at Sam's and they are professional prints make sure to take your release form so they can put it on file.  These 11 x 14 prints cost me $2.00.  The 16 x 20 was almost $5.00.

 Some people stop here because they like the photos shiny.  I was worried about finger prints and I like the way canvas looks, so I modge podged over the top.  I did the brush strokes all one direction with a sponge brush.  Then after the modge podge dried I went over the picture again going the opposite direction to give it the feel of crosshatch.
 I let them dry and decided I didn't like the edges.  So I took black paint and went around the edges.  It was a fun project and with all the supplies the whole project to do five canvases cost me less than fifty dollars.  Very fun!  Plus I'm so happy to finally have some of of the photos my friend Jessica did last year up on my walls.  They were so gorgeous.  It was a crime to have them just sitting on the computer!



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